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  • The case for building vs buying the components necessary to build your Cloud DataOps platform
  • Real-world Cloud DataOps platform case studies and the benefits they delivered
  • How Spectra by Fosfor and Snowflake Data Cloud come together to seamlessly act as a unified Cloud DataOps platform

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After-market sales & service: Warranty analytics for HVAC manufacturers

For manufacturers seeking to improve their financial performance and customer satisfaction, the quickest route to success is often a product-quality transformation focusing on reducing warranty costs. When fulfilled while backing exceptional product quality, product warranties positively impact sales, profitability, and customer loyalty. On the other hand, when warranties are backed by sub-optimal products, it results in large warranty reserves that directly impact the organization’s profitability. This negatively impacts the organization’s brand, Image, and equity.

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AI in a box: How Refract simplifies end-to-end machine learning

The modern tech world has become a data hub reliant on processing. Today, there is user data on everything from driving records to scroll speed on social media applications. As a result, there has been a considerable demand for methods to process this data, given that it holds hidden insights that can propel a company into the global stage quicker than ever before.

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An introduction to drift in Machine Learning

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