The data landscape has unique challenges

Storing, processing, and managing varied information efficiently is a significant hurdle

Data scientists spend 60% of their time just cleaning and organizing data

There is also a lack of insights caused by data silos, incomplete data, or compromised data quality

This creates the need for real-time accessible business-ready data to build ML models

Safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access adds complexity

Balancing accessibility with security measures while maintaining compliance is a continual challenge

enterprise data

Empower users with trusted data, secure pipelines, and compliance assurance for streamlined AI development. The Fosfor Decision Cloud enhances transparency and accessibility and automates integration workflows for optimal efficiency and reduced risk.

Provide trusted data to the people who need it

Improve data transparency by establishing one enterprise-wide repository of assets, so every user can easily understand and discover data relevant to them.

Use the data instead of cleaning it

Maximize data usage by automating and accelerating data pipelines for high-quality data delivery, catalyzing AI innovation and streamlining processes for more effective data utilization.

Ensure compliance and reduce risk

Guaranteeing compliance and minimizing risk by focusing on data accuracy, consistency, and reliability across diverse sources and formats for enhanced decision-making.

Create secure data pipelines

Streamline integration workflows without code. Establish reliable, protected channels for data exchange while ensuring seamless interaction between data warehouses and applications.

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