Businesses face various challenges while
applying insights in business applications

Data is often spread across various departments or systems and is not integrated efficiently

This creates silos that make it challenging to access and analyze data comprehensively.

Organizations might lack the analytical skills to effectively interpret it and derive actionable insights

This can hinder their ability to respond effectively to market changes and customer needs.

The generated insights are not contextual and don’t align with business objectives

This leads to a lack of clarity on how to leverage those insights for meaningful actions or improvements.

Get value from
insights into business

Seamlessly integrate advanced analytics into your workflow for smarter decisions. Empower your team with user-friendly, code-free analytical tools.

Analytics anywhere

Get the power of augmented analytics and decision intelligence anytime, anywhere, with contextual SDKs and APIs for easy setup without worrying about complex code.

Insightful data interaction

Gain from a more insightful approach to interacting with data from your business. Make your analytics applications more engaging and valuable for business users with ad-hoc advanced analytics explorations and drill-downs.

Integrated workflow analytics

Get hands-on advanced analytics and autonomous insights within the context of the user's workflow to make data-driven decisions without switching between applications or reporting tools.

Efficient development

Reduce the time your dev team spends in getting your analytics solutions to decision-makers with a no-code interactive interface. Tap your existing modern data stack and easily embed analytics in your application with zero additional infrastructure investment.

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