Minimize the time-to-market
for new drugs
With the acceleration of the data-to-decisions processes across the drug
development lifecycle
Deliver a seamless brand experience
for healthcare professionals
Simplify omnichannel marketing and analytics with a unified decision cloud
Drive personalized medicine for enhanced patient outcomes
Enable patient-centric decisions with your decision stack

Pharma is on the cusp of propulsion


Supply chain disruptions in the current geopolitical climate are causing a slowdown in the delivery of critical healthcare and drugs, making intelligent trial design and effective portfolio management crucial. On the other hand, healthcare professionals need all the help they can get to drive smooth and personalized patient journeys. The Fosfor Decision Cloud can accelerate the pharmaceutical industry’s supply chain and reduce the time-to-market for new drugs by enabling a trifecta approach – swift data harmonization, efficient risk modeling, and curated decision-making. It also empowers key decision-makers to make accurate patient-centric decisions swiftly, enabling healthcare professionals to make the right patient interventions.

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See how leading pharma organizations are creating value with the Fosfor Decision Cloud

Leading Fortune 500 global pharmaceutical major

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Power your healthcare resource management with Lumin’s decision insights on Snowflake

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A global health services company

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What the industry is talking about

Augmented decision intelligence + limitless cloud scale = pharma’s success playbook

Cloud technologies have now become a must in the pharmaceutical industry. Leading life-sciences companies are discovering the potency of cloud data in enabling analytics, shrinking innovation cycles, and standardizing processes across global operations, among other benefits. For example, Moderna delivered its first clinical batch of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate to the US National Institutes of Health for Phase I trial only 42 days after the initial sequencing of the virus by using cloud technology.

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Lumin + Snowflake - Empowering decision makers in the Pharma value chain

Brand analytics is crucial for any Pharma manufacturer’s success. During the drug research and development phase, Pharma manufacturers spend millions of dollars, and consume 10-15 years to bring much needed drugs to the market, with only 7-12 years of patented time available.

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Data lake, data mesh, or something else?

Zhamak Dehghani coined the term data mesh in 2019. Since this data transformation, the internet started flooding with information about its advantages and all the problems it would solve. Many articles compare data lake with data mesh. 

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