Drive market-responsive strategies accurately with speed
Elevate your CPG success with precision and responsiveness
Navigate the complexities of multi-channel ecosystems
Go from data to decisions faster with enterprise-grade decision augmentation
Maximize the value of your data on the cloud
Generate granular insights and make better decisions with cloud-first solutions

Unlocking CPG success with a user-centered approach


In the modern retail landscape, where customer satisfaction is paramount, CPG businesses can succeed when they understand the evolving preferences of the end consumers. This entails delivering the right product to the right customers, navigating supply chain disruptions and last-mile delivery hurdles, and leveraging diverse marketing channels to drive consumer awareness and engagement. The Fosfor Decision Cloud enables CPG enterprises to manage and analyze vast amounts of data from multiple sources across the value chain, empowering them to respond to market dynamics with agility and speed. In addition, it can drive real-time visibility across the supply chain to ensure minimal disruptions and enable effective omnichannel marketing decisions quickly to capitalize on consumer trends.

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Mars Wrigley augments brand, product, and pricing strategies with guided insights

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Leading Fortune 500 global CPG giant

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From data silos to decision intelligence- A playbook for CPG leaders

Learn how Decision Intelligence can help CPG brand and category leaders gain the agility they require to succeed.

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How can Retail and CPG companies utilize ChatGPT and Generative AI

OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence research laboratory, released ChatGPT on 30 November 2022, and there has been an uptick in interest around the world on AI-generated text, AI-generated images, and AI-generated video ever since. This interest has gained traction over time, fueled by the potential for it to change our lives forever - professional and personal alike.

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Market share and aisle share: Category analytics for CPG Industry

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies, rarely have visibility of their market, competitors, or selling patterns because they depend on retailers as their end-customer. The presence of retailers in the process of selling CPG products to end consumers creates the need for multiple varied data access for CPG companies.

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Generative AI - Accelerate ML operations using GPT

As Data Science and Machine Learning practitioners, we often face the challenge of finding solutions to complex problems. One powerful artificial intelligence platform that can help speed up the process is the use of Generative Pretrained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) language model.

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