Respond to evolving banking dynamics
Create a connected ecosystem to go from data-to-decisions at speed
Navigate the complexities of siloed processes
Ensure a common standard of governance across the value chain
Adapt to customer demands quickly within regulatory boundaries
Drive a unified decision-making process to deliver better customer experiences

data ownership and decision-making in BFS


Business ownership of data projects remains a significant challenge in financial institutions. Age-old legacy systems make collecting data from multiple channels a tedious and expensive exercise that hinders their decision-making capabilities. Despite the massive investments in ML initiatives, banks and financial organizations struggle to arrive at timely and accurate data-driven decisions. The Fosfor Decision Cloud consolidates and manages diverse data sources, making them valuable assets for various personas across the value chain, thus unlocking greater value for banking and financial institutions from their
data investments.

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Standard Chartered Bank enhances ML modeling and analytics with Fosfor

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Major global bank

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Augmented Intelligence: Six best data analytics practices for moving beyond BI

Read this exclusive Fosfor-sponsored TDWI report to learn how you can use Augmented Intelligence to drive better business decisions at every level in the enterprise

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What the industry is talking about

Understanding the synergy between Augmented Analytics, Decision Intelligence, and Gen AI

As we delve into the current state of the analytics industry, one cannot overlook the transformative power of Augmented Analytics. Gartner's description of Augmented Analytics involves leveraging advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to aid in data preparation, the generation of insights, and the explanation of those insights.

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Data lake, data mesh, or something else?

Zhamak Dehghani coined the term data mesh in 2019. Since this data transformation, the internet started flooding with information about its advantages and all the problems it would solve. Many articles compare data lake with data mesh. 

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Introduction to Decision Intelligence and its tools

The pandemic has completely transformed the way we live life and do business. Over the last two years, we have learned how important it is to be flexible and agile in our decision-making. According to a recent survey by Gartner, "65% of respondents said the decisions they make are more complex than just two years ago, and 53% said they face more pressure to explain or justify their decisions."

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