Refract MLOps Platform – Fast, Frugal, Flexible

See how Refract’s Snowflake-native MLOps platform, powered by Generative AI, simplifies the ML lifecycle, improves productivity and efficiency and allows for better ML operations, governance and tracking of data and processes.


Refract HR Analytics solution on Snowflake

Learn how Refract can help you to build a resilient human capital strategy for your organization by streamlining the MLOps journey.

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Introducing Lumin Flow: Generative AI curated for your business

Lumin GPT- powered Flow provides a seamless and contextual human-like conversational experience for everyone to uncover actionable insights at speed and at scale.

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Lumin X Snowflake – Decision Intelligence on the Data Cloud

Check out how Lumin native integration with Snowpark enables 5X faster processing speed for advanced analytics queries and brings interesting insights.

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