Refract HR Analytics solution on Snowflake

Learn how Refract can help you to build a resilient human capital strategy for your organization by streamlining the MLOps journey for enterprises on Snowflake’s robust zero-maintenance Data Cloud, powered by Generative AI


Refract MLOps Platform – Fast, Frugal, Flexible

See how Refract’s Snowflake-native MLOps platform, powered by Generative AI, simplifies the ML lifecycle, improves productivity and efficiency.

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Introducing Lumin Flow: Generative AI curated for your business

Lumin GPT- powered Flow provides a seamless and contextual human-like conversational experience for everyone to uncover actionable insights at speed and at scale.

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Lumin X Snowflake – Decision Intelligence on the Data Cloud

Check out how Lumin native integration with Snowpark enables 5X faster processing speed for advanced analytics queries and brings interesting insights.

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