Mastering MLOps with the Fosfor Decision Cloud: Standard Chartered Bank’s success story

Discover how Standard Chartered Bank leveraged Fosfor Decision Cloud to automate model monitoring, streamline MLops, ensure robust risk management, and maintain consistent ROI while keeping pace with the evolving market conditions and technological advancements.


Standard Chartered Bank’s ML triumph with Fosfor

Learn how Standard Chartered Bank achieved success in its MLOps journey by leveraging the Fosfor Decision Cloud.

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Pre-empting nurse attrition using Refract’s MLOps platform on Snowflake

Learn how Refract's fast, frugal and flexible MLOps platform is helping HR leaders at a healthcare organization pre-empt nurse attrition.

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Refract MLOps on Snowflake

See how Refract’s Snowflake-native MLOps platform, powered by Generative AI, simplifies the ML lifecycle, improves productivity and efficiency

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