Augmented Intelligence: Six best data analytics practices for moving beyond BI

Traditional business intelligence tools can’t keep up with the fast-changing context in which business decisions are being made today. Insight seekers need more than just predefined dashboards, and insight software needs a deep dose of AI and autonomous learning capabilities to keep up with their dynamic business priorities—versus just delivering data analysis reports. Automating insights discovery and providing rapid access to a higher order of analytics is changing the self-service BI paradigm from just searching for data to making contextual decisions.

Check out this TDWI Checklist Report to learn how:

  • Augmented analytics is ushering in a new era in BI with autonomous insights and guided user journeys
  • Organizations can build a comprehensive business case for augmented analytics
  • Augmented intelligence products support intuitive user experiences and the collaborative sharing of insights
  • Explainability in AI-driven insights is crucial for driving trust and transparency in augmented BI solutions

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Empowering better decision making

By operationalizing end-to-end adoption of the ML model monitoring process

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Demystifying Explainable AI for business decision making

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