Transforming AI deployment with one-click solutions and advanced integration

Experience the future of model management with streamlined deployment, enhanced resource efficiency, and unmatched flexibility across multi-cloud and hybrid environments

Safeguards against potential breaches

Experience one-click deployment for all model types, from classic ML to NLP and Computer Vision. Built-in workflow automation and scheduling capabilities streamline processes effortlessly. Automated alerts ensure prompt notifications of any performance drift in production

Optimal resource utilization

Cut down unnecessary costs and avert potential errors, reducing downtime and preventing financial losses. Real-time insights empower strategic decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and deliver substantial cost savings.

Peak performance

Be in control with seamless model versioning, automated alerts for performance drift, and robust security patches. Enhance model discoverability with an intuitive Model Catalogue. Solve business problems effortlessly and ensure peak performance.

Deployment flexibility and integration

Achieve seamless operations with deployment flexibility across multi-cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments. Harness cross-platform compatibility and experience superior serving and monitoring. Get custom integration with JIRA/ServiceNow for a truly flexible system alignment.
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How it works

From identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities to guiding ML pipelines through deployment stages, the Monitor Model capability ensures adherence to policies, guidelines, and procedures. Vigilant monitoring guarantees smooth operations, while continuous analysis dynamically enhances and updates model performance.

Additional capabilities of the Insight Designer module

Build Model

Optimize your business with build model offerings – deploy tailored machine-learning models for actionable insights, streamlined processes, and unparalleled efficiency. Transform your data into a strategic asset, gaining a competitive edge in today’s dynamic landscape.
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Build Pipeline

Make your models production-ready with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Streamline workflows, optimize resource allocation, and empower your team for innovation, ensuring every resource is maximized for peak performance.
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Validate Model

Ensure peak performance, robust generalization, and ethical AI practices. Uncover insights, mitigate risks, and maximize accuracy through rigorous testing, validation, and continuous monitoring. Trust your ML models to make informed decisions.
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Govern Model

Experience robust model governance and ensure ethical AI and regulatory compliance. From risk mitigation to policy enforcement and accountability, elevate trust and efficiency across the entire machine learning lifecycle for sustained success.
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