Operationalize ML at scale with Refract, the Fosfor Decision Cloud's
Insight Designer

Accelerate and automate the entire data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning lifecycles, from data discovery to modeling, deployment, and monitoring


Address the needs and challenges of various user personas who build, manage, and oversee ML models across the organization

Refract, the Fosfor Decision Cloud’s Insight Designer, is an enterprise MLOps platform that helps you foster collaboration and streamline the path from data to decision-making throughout your enterprise’s machine-learning journey.

Get more value as you move from data to decisions


Reduction in time-to-delivery of ML projects


Reduction in time for typical data preparation


Reduction in the number of ML engineer workforce


Reduction in typical AI infrastructure requirements


Increase in productivity for data scientists

Manage your entire ML pipeline at speed

Leverage the best AI frameworks and templates to prepare, build, train, and deploy high-quality ML models

Build model

Develop statistical, ML, and generative AI data models that enable cross-functional teams to effortlessly derive deep insights.

Build pipeline

Productionize models by building ML pipelines for feature engineering, training, retraining, and inferencing through a repeatable development process.

Validate model

Validate the generated models by assessing accuracy, bias, auditability, cost-effectiveness and other dimensions to identify issues before deploying them to production.

Monitor model

Understand how your model is performing in the production environment by observing dimensions such as infrastructure usage, API calls, quality and drift to ensure value delivery.

Govern model

Ensure compliance and mitigate risks by enabling robust management and governance across the entire model lifecycle, from model building to monitoring.

Insight Designer Wave

Meet the generative AI assistant that can help you accomplish your goals faster and with improved efficiency, thereby increasing productivity

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No matter your role, Insight Designer can enhance outcomes for you

  • Data scientist
  • ML engineer
  • MLOps engineer
  • Model quality controller
  • Model governance officer

Data scientist

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Identify and validate business problems faster with the power of machine learning. Leverage a completely customizable and self-served workbench that puts the finest AI frameworks and templates at your fingertips and collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams.

ML engineer

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Accelerate model deployment with MLOps automation. With Insight Designer, you can optimize your ML models for superior performance, lower latency, and efficient memory usage effortlessly at scale.

MLOps engineer

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From a single source of truth, easily monitor model performance and eliminate model drift and bias, and perform maintenance and debugging on all your ML models. In addition, you can manage model versions and perform new experiments with ease.

Model quality controller

img_insight designer_your role_Model Quality contoller-min

Establish a standardized model validation framework for seamless model deployment. Enhance model performance by ensuring data quality, accuracy, and completeness and become a leader in advocating for trustworthy AI.

Model governance officer

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Effortlessly develop and implement a comprehensive model and data governance framework for your enterprise. Insight Designer gives you the right tools and resources for model explainability and enables seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams for effective governance.

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See how your peers operationalized ML at scale to create the value they want consistently

Standard Chartered Bank enhances ML modeling and analytics with Fosfor

Operationalizing ML at scale helped the global banking giant improve the efficiency of their ML-powered risk analytics.

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Leading travel experience player accurately forecasts customer traffic with Refract

Refract by Fosfor accurately forecasts footfall for a leading travel experience player, helping the company deliver a strong customer experience, improving customer satisfaction multi-fold.

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Major global bank

Refract brings the vision of next-gen scalable, future-ready, and industry-leading advanced analytics stack to life.

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