Democratizing Decision Intelligence with Lumin, the Fosfor Decision Cloud's Decision Designer

Get instant answers to pressing business questions and understand complex analyses through an interactive and personalized experience


Simplify the consumption of insights to augment decision making

Lumin, The Fosfor Decision Cloud’s Decision Designer, has powerful Decision Intelligence capabilities that combine advanced AI and ML technologies with an intuitive natural language search interface. Ask questions of your business data, analyze vast datasets in seconds, and gain comprehensive, automated insights to understand the what, why, and what next – without writing a single line of code.

Get more value as you move from data to decisions

Weeks → minutes

Reduction in average solution turnaround times

Launch solutions in minutes, whether on-premises or over the cloud


Increase in analytics adoption

Leverage advanced analytics at twice the rate, as compared to complex business intelligence tool users


Increased savings on resources

Save on analytics man-hours and expenses related to analytics tools and solutions


Reduction in time to insights

Get lightning-fast answers to all your business queries

Transform curiosity into limitless insights

Shed uncertainty and make confident business decisions with the power of
Decision Intelligence

Build solution

Build a semantic layer on top of your data models to deliver business KPIs and insights for any use case or solution.

Core insights

Generate insights quickly by leveraging natural language interaction to gain a deeper understanding of your business.

Actionable insights

Automatically detect anomalies, key signals, and patterns in your data to proactively solve issues and prevent business disruption.

Design decision

Design and implement end-to-end decision automation processes to streamline your data-to-decision workflows.

Decision Designer nudges

Spot deviations in your data as they happen with fully automated nudges. Decision Designer synthesizes millions of data points in seconds to give you a heads-up on significant changes as they happen

img_Decision Designer_Nudges

No matter your role, Decision Designer can enhance outcomes for you

  • Business leaders
  • IT leader
  • Business analyst
  • Data analyst | Data scientist

Business leaders

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Access self-service answers to questions, including the ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘what if’, and ‘what will be’, through easily understandable data stories. With zero dependencies on analysts or data teams, wait times for reports or dashboards are drastically reduced. Rapidly onboard your teams on Decision Designer, boost analytics adoption and data literacy across your organization, and seamlessly align strategies and action plans within your teams.

IT leader

img_decision designer_your role_IT leader-min

Begin your Decision Intelligence journey without heavy infrastructure or resource investments by seamlessly integrating Decision Designer into existing workflows and BI applications. Decision Designer brings the added capabilities of generative AI tailored to your business and extracts valuable insights from your cloud data quickly and efficiently at scale.

Business analyst

img_decision designer_your role_Business analyst-min

Craft domain-rich solutions to address critical business challenges and take advantage of Decision Designer’s in-built ontology and metadata layer to utilize industry-specific keywords and KPIs. Get accelerated insight generation with Decision Designer’s pre-built ML models and data transformation tools to develop custom applications on Snowflake or other platforms.

Data analyst | Data scientist

img_decision designer_your role_data analyst-min

Instantly connect to any data platform or cloud warehouse through native integration capabilities. Build powerful solutions on Decision Designer in minutes using the built-in creator module and incorporate advanced analytics such as forecasting, anomaly detection, and scenario planning. Leverage integrated explainable AI features to make solution explanation and AI model utilization quick and simple.

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