Simplify the consumption of insights to augment decision making

The Fosfor Decision Designer’s powerful Decision Intelligence capabilities combine advanced AI and ML technologies with an intuitive natural language search interface. Ask questions on your business data, analyze vast datasets in seconds, and gain comprehensive, automated insights to understand the what, why, and what next – without writing a single line of code.


Elevate value from your Data Cloud

Accelerate outcomes

Leverage Snowflake’s powerful native push-down data processing capabilities to execute transformation and machine learning workloads natively on the platform reducing time-to-solution outcomes.

Amplify outcomes

Unlock business insights using the Decision Cloud’s powerful AI-based analytics to explore your Data Cloud data to get instant answers, get alerted to interesting changes in your data, and access your insights anywhere.

Reduce risk

Eliminate data consistency and duplication issues by bringing transformation, machine learning, and Decision Intelligence workloads under a single unified Snowflake governance umbrella.

Optimize costs

Fosfor Decision Cloud natively optimizes the workloads across Snowpark jobs & Snowflake SQLs for efficiency resulting in lower compute demands.

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See how your peers leverage Fosfor + Snowflake to create the value they want consistently.

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