Unlock unrivaled data excellence with Monitor data

Up your data game with monitoring and observability that transforms how you see and manage your data pipelines and helps you respond promptly to potential issues.

Seamless data flow

Get real-time monitoring and observability into pipeline health and performance. Continuous tracking allows swift issue detection and resolution, ensuring data freshness, up-to-the-minute data accuracy, and fewer downtimes

Data reliability and authenticity

Seamless, comprehensive lineage tracking transforms the way you visualize, trace, and trust every step of your data’s journey

Rigorous audit tracking

Meticulous records empower you with unmatched control over every aspect of your operations

Certified data quality

Data anomaly detection helps to identify, alert, and rectify errors, thus minimizing the risks of costly errors. Early anomaly correction boosts consumers' confidence in making data-drivendecisions.
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How it works

Get a comprehensive view of job execution details with seamless tracking and observation of ongoing or completed jobs. Dive into pipelines and identify anomalies and bottlenecks effortlessly. Ensure accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, uniqueness, and validity with the data reliability dashboard. Detect datasets at risk to investigate and uphold data integrity for informed decision-making.

Additional capabilities of the Data Designer module

Monitor Data

Empower your users with comprehensive observability and deeper insights into your data and pipeline health to elevate data monitoring across your organization.
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Transform Data

Seamlessly blend low-code design with ELT principles and software engineering best practices to build modular pipelines, optimize data processing, and accelerate time-to-market.
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