Accelerate time to insights and
value with Spectra,
the Fosfor Decision Cloud's Data Designer

Seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources to build modular, cloud-agnostic, and reliable data transformation pipelines


Simplifying data transformation pipelines for trustworthy, informed decisions

Spectra, the Fosfor Decision Cloud’s Data Designer, powered by its low-code Canvas/GUI, simplifies the construction and maintenance of data transformation pipelines, streamlining the raw-data-to-actionable-insights journey. With features like data lineage tracking, data assertion, and continuous pipeline health and performance monitoring, it ensures transparency and traceability throughout the data journey, supporting trustworthy insights and informed decision-making.

Get more value as you move from data to decisions

Assured accurate data delivery

Rectify anomalies early in the lifecycle, boosting customers’ confidence in making data-driven decisions

Verified 2x increase in data team productivity

Enable your data teams to focus on higher-value tasks, ultimately accelerating time-to-market

Guaranteed superior data processing efficiency

Transform data on cloud platforms with optimized code, translating to swift insights and efficient resource allocation

Improved data freshness and minimized downtimes

Detect and address issues swiftly with continuous pipeline health tracking, ensuring uninterrupted data flow

Supercharge your data engineering

Organize, check, and visualize your data efficiently to make informed decisions

Model data via the Modeling Studio

Structure and organize your data to optimize it for business consumption while enabling easy self-service access.

Transform data via the Pipeline Studio

Build efficient and scalable data pipelines that enable native cloud data transformation, adhering to the best industry-standard software engineering practices while saving on costs.

Monitor data via the observability function

Get a 360° view of your data across metrics like quality, pipeline status, cost, and infrastructure, to ensure efficient business operations.

No matter your role, Data Designer can enhance outcomes for you

  • Data engineer
  • Analytics engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Data quality controller

Data engineer

img_data designer_your role_data engineer-min

You can ingest on-premise or cloud-sourced data and store it on an automated database for efficient integration. The data can then be monitored for source change, wherein only changesets are retrieved by CDC and replication to minimize bandwidth use and synchronization latency from major sources.

Analytics engineer

img_data designer_your role_analytics engineer-min

Improving query performance is one of the major benefits that you will get when you generate modular and optimized code using Data Designer’s intuitive GUI. It also reduces manual code optimization needs, providing a collaborative platform for analytics engineering that fosters efficient teamwork and knowledge sharing.

Data analyst

img_data designer_your role_data analysit-min

With efficient data consumption, irrespective of the source and format, you can achieve simplified access to datasets. Analysts can even build updated datasets with self-serve, no-code GUI to transform the data without extensive SQL or Python knowledge.

Data quality controller

img_data designer_your role_data quality controller-min

The data quality feature helps you identify and rectify data anomalies. Real-time observability helps pipeline operation specialists stay on top of issues and proactively minimize pipeline disruptions.

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