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Lumin + Snowflake – Empowering decision makers in the Pharma value chain

Reading Time: 4 minutes Brand analytics is crucial for any Pharma manufacturer’s success. During the drug research and development phase, Pharma manufacturers spend millions of dollars, and consume 10-15 years to bring much needed drugs to the market, with only 7-12 years of patented time available.

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Lumin + Snowflake empower healthcare providers control staff attrition

Reading Time: 6 minutes Decision Intelligence is one of the most sought-after AI activations by enterprises for the unprecedented advantage it offers businesses. Although there are quite a few decision intelligence solutions in the market, Lumin presents a list of unique attributes that make it stand out from the competition.

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Bias in AI: A primer

Reading Time: 3 minutes While Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can be highly accurate, they are imperfect. As such, they may make incorrect decisions or predictions. Several challenges need to be solved for the development and adoption of technology.
One major challenge is the bias in AI systems. Bias in AI refers to the systematic differences between a model’s predicted and true output. These deviations can lead to incorrect or unfair outcomes, which can seriously affect critical fields like healthcare, finance, and criminal justice.

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