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Broker performance analysis solution: Analyzing broker performance as an insurance carrier

Reading Time: 4 minutes Most, if not all, large insurance and re-insurance carriers today work with brokerage agencies to grow their books and ensure a healthy stream of business. Depending on the carrier size, they might often work with dozens of agencies spread across the globe, each with its own operating processes and ways of working. For broker managers, monitoring agency performance and working with them to target the right lines of business, suitable policies and the right customers can be a nightmare. The need to be able to quickly analyze broker performance and take corrective actions to meet submissions. As such, underwriting targets is critical. Lumin’s Decision Intelligence capabilities make this task considerably simpler. Let’s dive in.

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An introduction to drift in Machine Learning

Reading Time: 6 minutes The only constant in life is change. – Heraclitus. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world and caused outstanding issues. These include the shortage of beds in hospitals, the spike in the necessity of medical professionals, the Great Resignation, increases in poverty, surges in demand for daily resources, closed international borders and much more. This rapidly […]

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5 ways to foster data curiosity in your business

Reading Time: 2 minutes Just as early humans survived on curiosity to discover fire and invent the wheel, today’s organizations built on data need to know their data terrain well to survive and stay on the top. They need to understand what data resources are available to them and what challenges they face from disruptors, who always keep them on their toes.

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