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Lumin + Snowflake: Decision Intelligence on the Data Cloud

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Enterprises today are on the lookout for approaches or decision intelligence technologies that will enable agile analytics in the data cloud and deliver more value with faster iterations and fewer resources. To respond to the breakneck pace of business, enterprises need real-time insights that don’t sacrifice accuracy or quality. The Snowflake Data Cloud provides many benefits over traditional data warehousing. These factors include: 

  • Agility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Virtually unlimited scalability

However, to lead in the digital age, where real-time data-driven decisions are critical, you need to easily access, analyze and interpret the latest and most accurate data and get decision insights at scale within your data cloud platform.

Lumin by Fosfor allows you to explore your curiosity on-demand in natural language, removing the limits on the insights you can discover. It autonomously transforms data into valuable business insights, allowing your data teams to ask questions in simple Q&A mode – what, when, why, and how, then yielding insightful answers at lightning speed. Putting this power directly into the hands of insight-seekers not only saves valuable time, often measured in months but also encourages them to ask more questions and be data curious to enhance business value. 

Here’s how Lumin by Fosfor powers decision intelligence with Snowflake’s robust zero-maintenance data cloud at speed and scale. 

1. Minimize latency; maximize speed 

Lumin’s federated querying leverages the underlying Snowflake data warehouse superpower with zero data movement. The native connector also enables different levels of caching and retrieves queries efficiently from the Snowflake Data Cloud cache. This ensures that data-driven decision insights are always delivered on the freshest data. With a data intelligence platform like Lumin working seamlessly with Snowflake, you can make decisions without waiting for data to be extracted from updating or running queries from your data or IT teams. 

2. Support and scale any data analytics workload 

With Lumin by Fosfor and Snowflake Data Cloud, a world without any scheduling scripts and queued queries is a reality. Leverage Snowflake’s smart data warehousing service for all your users and get their questions answered without the complexity of legacy data warehouse or NoSQL solutions. Scale Snowflake with Lumin, up and down, on the fly or automatically, and get a single experience across hyperscaler cloud-based platforms or on-prem devices. What’s more.? You can accomplish all of this without worrying about administration and maintenance.

3. Connected data; connected insights

Get fast, reliable, and cost-effective access to your data with Snowflake and contextual insights powered by Lumin. Use pre-built SDK’s or APIs and plugin Lumin’s cognitive search and domain-rich metadata and ontology layers. With these tools, relax as you solve your analytics challenges and get data-driven insights in retail/CPG, pharma, healthcare, manufacturing or media. With Lumin’s self-service creator module, you can move from set-up, configuration, and deployment to consumption by business users in a couple of hours– not weeks or months. This improved time-to-value results in high satisfaction scores for your internal and external customers.

4. Dynamic flexibility; Optimized cost 

Lumin by Fosfor matches Snowflake’s elasticity, scalability, and flexibility by providing autonomous nudges and advanced analytics at cloud speed and scale. Our native cloud, distributed architecture means the instance can automatically add and shrink resources on-demand based on current workloads, with zero user maintenance. Our consumption-based pricing enables you to utilize Snowflake’s on-demand scaling architecture to the best at optimized cost. 

5. Transform curiosity into limitless insight 

With Lumin’s lightning-fast natural language query engine and advanced data analytics capabilities, you give all users the ability to freely search and explore Snowflake data cloud to uncover hidden insights that query-based tools can’t access. With this and other data, you can diagnose why your sales dropped or what will be your brand performance next quarter with ease. The freedom to ask questions on this Decision Intelligence platform empowers your decision-makers to stay curious and get actionable insights that open doors to limitless possibilities. 

Lumin enables decision-makers to diagnose sales drops, predict brand performance, and uncover limitless possibilities for business growth and optimization. By transforming data in a user-friendly manner, decision-makers can make informed decisions, drive transformative outcomes, and foster a culture of curiosity. 

Lumin’s decision intelligence and Snowflake’s Data Cloud platform is driving business growth by enabling organizations to turn their data into actionable intelligence for everyone across your organization, regardless of size or source, transforming data into better data-driven decision insights. 

Together, Lumin by Fosfor and Snowflake are driving business growth by enabling organizations to turn their data into actionable intelligence for everyone across your organization regardless of size or source.

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Itti Singh

Product Lead- Lumin by Fosfor

With more than a decade of experience spread across analytics, strategy and product management, Itti is known for building strategies that enable businesses to transform with data. Currently leading the vision and storyline for Lumin, Fosfor’s augmented analytics product, Itti is a true product evangelist and a data enthusiast, empowering our customers with actionable data stories.

When not at work or spinning stories, Itti is researching human-focused design, watching Korean series, playing with her dogs, and exploring exciting new food spots with her partner.

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