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Lumin featured in 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Augmented Analytics

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It was an honor to see that Lumin by Fosfor is featured in the 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Augmented Analytics published by Gartner this month.

When we started the journey of building Lumin, we wanted to execute what was necessary to empower business teams to make better and faster decisions with business intelligence solutions.

That goal drove us then and continues to drive us now.

Having worked in Business Analytics (BI) for a better part of my life, I know that no number of dashboards can help businesses make decisions. More often than not, business users end up depending on their Information Technology (IT) and business analytics teams to provide detailed answers to questions like:

● “Why did something happen?”
● “What does the forecast trajectory look like?”
● “What would the impact be if there was a change in certain drivers?”

Because Analysts and IT teams are middlemen in answering these questions, they struggle to keep up with the demands and requests of businesses, eventually leading to delayed insights and decisions.

Lumin’s Ask

Lumin enables business users to get to all the above insights and more on their own in an intuitive and trustworthy manner. With Lumin’s Ask platform, business users can traverse the entire spectrum of analysis in a matter of minutes.

Lumin also learns from the user’s journey and provides suggestions as they type. It is an honor for us to see users benefit from Lumin’s time-based reasoning and ask questions or requests like:

● “Why did the market share decline last month vs. a month ago?”
● “Compare sales volume by Year over Year (YoY).”
● “What will be the sales in the next month?”

Remarkably, they can get relevant and contextual insights in a matter of seconds.

Because Augmented Analytics is still a burgeoning space for many organizations, there are questions on how such products like Lumin ensure easy adoption for business users. End user experience is something we take very seriously.

Fosfor Lumin assists users as they undertake their investigative journey for their business. It seamlessly helps users understand the setup and metrics available to them. Its design helps them frame their questions and even prompts corrections as they interact with the interface. Additionally, whenever a business user asks a predictive question, Lumin will also explain to the business user how it arrived at that insight so that business users can trust the system’s conclusion.

Furthermore, Lumin’s no-fuss eight-step configuration with built-in AutoML capabilities enables data analysts or citizen data scientists to connect to your organization’s dataset or data lake and rapidly set up a use case or solution.

Lumin’s Nudges

We understand that with ever-changing market trends, users must be aware of anomalous data trends. Lumin’s Nudges will autonomously prompt users of any abnormal insights.

Lumin’s business workspaces let users capture their entire investigative journey and build data stories on the fly. Users can share, collaborate and even set up these stories for an automated refresh with every data refresh. This ensures that business decision-makers have up-to-date insights and reliable information whenever they need to make decisions.

As decision-making gets more complex and business users demand greater data control, augmented analytics products will become a mainstay in every organization.

The 2022 Gartner Market Guide predicts that by 2025 , augmented consumerization functionality will drive the adoption of analytics and business intelligence (ABI) capabilities beyond 50% for the first time, influencing more business processes and decisions.

Reach out to us at Fosfor Lumin to explore how its interface can benefit your organization. Get ready to bring the power of Augmented Analytics to life within your organization.


Itti Singh

Product Lead- Lumin by Fosfor

With more than a decade of experience spread across analytics, strategy and product management, Itti is known for building strategies that enable businesses to transform with data. Currently leading the vision and storyline for Lumin, Fosfor’s augmented analytics product, Itti is a true product evangelist and a data enthusiast, empowering our customers with actionable data stories.

When not at work or spinning stories, Itti is researching human-focused design, watching Korean series, playing with her dogs, and exploring exciting new food spots with her partner.

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