Boosting Decision Intelligence with Lumin on the AWS cloud

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Data management and insight generation are the lifelines for any modern-day business. Today, many organizations struggle to manage their data efficiently. Unfortunately, the turnaround time from data to insights to decision to execution takes several days or weeks. This cycle delays efficient business insight generation, thereby incurring significant resource misuse.

Effectively, the current Decision Intelligence technology space has become more fragmented. More than ever, companies need to dedicate significant time, money and resources to it; however, most legacy platforms that enterprises use only provide reactive insights, not proactive ones.

Thankfully, organizations are moving towards cloud software solutions to amend this problem because the cloud boasts increased data accessibility, strict security norms, instant scalability and considerable cost benefits. These business
attributes are valuable indeed; however, to harness the cloud’s true value, users must be able to get the data they need at scale and as soon as possible. Ideally, this should be in real-time and be customizable.

What is Decision Intelligence?

Decision Intelligence enables customers to ease their burden of data analysis and empowers every individual to make insights-driven decisions. Decision Intelligence augments human decision-making by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate faster and better business insights from enterprise data.

Diving deeper, understanding the predicament modern enterprises face is essential. These mainly include:

  • Difficulty in gathering and organizing their mass amounts of data
  • Difficulty in efficiently analyzing and successfully visualizing the data to product’s journey and its game-changing insights
  • Difficulty in simplifying analysis to expedite decision-making ability across the organization

A powerful Decision Intelligence tool will help modern businesses and analytics teams simplify complex data analysis and quickly get to the “why,” “what,” “what-if,” and “how” their data came to be. Even better, they’ll then learn what to do with it. Key drivers for business behaviors using AI-Driven Decision Intelligence technology coupled with machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the future of Decision Intelligence. Moreover, tools for decision-making should have ad-hoc and self-service analytics available to all. This requires an architecture that is more open and easier to access without the need for technical experts. Products like Lumin by Fosfor capture all these attributes.

Organizations must move at lightning speed to harness intelligent pre-built systems. Traditional IT methods struggle to support. The cloud is the preferred deployment channel for new analytics use cases to address this challenge and meet this need.

Why should Decision Intelligence be on the AWS cloud?

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps organizations innovate faster, reduce costs, and foster collaboration in industry applications’ most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient cloud infrastructure. This remarkable marketplace that centralizes these features can be coupled with a tool that allows enterprises to make fast business decisions using the power of advanced analytics.

Lumin’s Decision Intelligence capabilities enable organizations using AWS to take full advantage of analytics in the cloud and rapidly surface actionable and timely decisions. With Lumin and AWS, customers can experience the best of both worlds. They can use augmented decision intelligence technology powered by AI and machine learning models that work seamlessly with their desired capacity, power, and flexibility.

What makes Lumin by Fosfor stand out?

Lumin’s best-of-breed augmented analytics technology illuminates limitless business opportunities for enterprises. In your journey to discover why your business metrics change, Lumin provides contextual and intuitive data stories that engage and empower your team for action. Its features power faster data-driven decisions in seven fundamental ways.

1. Lumin allows you to ask critical business questions and get rapid insights.

Answer what or why something changed on your AWS cloud in no time. Generate insights in seconds, solve any data complexity, accelerate exploration and analyze millions of dimensions and segments within their work.

2. Lumin prepares for the ‘unknown’ with autonomous nudges.

Be well informed at all times with ‘always-on’ autonomous nudges. This feature enables your team to jump straight to actionable conclusions confidently.

3. Lumin solves complex business use cases in hours and not weeks.

Easily connect to Amazon RDS, DynamoDB, and Redshift. Furthermore, you can set up diagnostic and predictive workflows to launch your decision intelligence solutions on the cloud without hassle.

4. Lumin future-proofs your AWS investment.

Get a fast, easy, and cost-effective path to the cloud with Lumin and manage millions of queries in real-time with minimum latency and maximum speed.

5. Lumin allows your team to spend more time exploring data and less time deploying software solutions.

Deploy Lumin on AWS in just a few clicks and start simplifying sophisticated data analysis to get rapid insights on the AWS cloud in minutes

6. Lumin offers instant access to AWS data

Get seamless access to massive stockpiles of data stored on AWS with reading and writing access to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and managed SQL services.

7. Lumin offers a pay-as-you-go system.

With an AWS account, your team can now purchase Lumin and only pay for what you need when you need it. Lumin’s flexible pricing options give stakeholders the choice to test out the product and save money from any unnecessary long-term commitments.

How does Lumin do it?

By unleashing the full potential of the AWS cloud at speed, scale and intelligence technology, Lumin delivers intelligent business insights and a user-friendly experience to end users. Lumin boasts a seamless deployment of new data-driven strategies and AI techniques with business-ready use cases that offer:

  • Strong Deep Dive insights with visualization, narratives, Explainable AI (XAI), Simulations and conversational experience
  • Best-in-class user experience tailored for an analyst, business users or CXOs
  • Automated Insight Generation with Nudges to take pre-emptive measures
  • High-level security and compliance
  • Low-code solution configuration layer and rapid configuration capabilities for rapid insight generation
  • Virtually unlimited processing with AWS cloud

Choosing the right decision intelligence tool and augmented analytics partner is critical for businesses to prosper and promote growth. It accelerates their digital transformation and increases operational efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Get started with Lumin on AWS today!


Ashok Sathish

Product Manager, Lumin by Fosfor

A seasoned product management professional with 11+ years of work experience into B2C and B2B SaaS products. Significantly contributed toward building products, solutions and scaling them from 0-1 for customers across geographies in the adtech, Insurtech, Digital Media, Publisher solutions, BI, Decision Intelligence & Augmented Analytics space.

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