Augmented decision intelligence + limitless cloud scale = pharma’s success playbook

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Vishnu Vardhan Mohanraj, Associate Principal | Lumin by Fosfor

Cloud technologies have now become a must in the pharmaceutical industry. Leading life-sciences companies are discovering the potency of cloud data in enabling analytics, shrinking innovation cycles, and standardizing processes across global operations, among other benefits. For example, Moderna delivered its first clinical batch of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate to the US National Institutes of Health for Phase I trial only 42 days after the initial sequencing of the virus by using cloud technology.

In a post-pandemic world where one must always prepare for the inevitable change and disruption, all pharma companies must be equipped with data and analytical systems that are agile, scalable, and secure. Unfortunately, life sciences companies, which rely on old legacy database systems, face very significant management and security challenges as the volume of data grows. These legacy database systems make life sciences organizations incapable of attaining the data variety they need to improve business processes and make crucial decisions, inhibiting their ability to stay ahead of the competition. 

Any life science organization thinking about its cloud journey must consider only the best. In order to get the most out of their cloud data to power their commercial operations, they need a robust, secure and scalable platform that can work in tandem with a powerful augmented intelligence solution that can enable decision insights at speed and scale. 

The euphoric land of infinite scale, secure data and limitless insights 

Cloud brings phenomenal performance, speed and flexibility to life science organizations. Data no longer needs to be stuck in silos, as the cloud can receive, analyze and democratize it in real-time. The ultimate euphoria for pharmaceutical and life science organizations is making the most of their data in the cloud and ultimately shortening the data to decisions journey to drive meaningful business outcomes.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud offers the power, scalability and innovation that life sciences companies need to turn data into business-critical insights. Its modern and flexible architecture and secure infrastructure allow life sciences organizations to break data silos and discover, analyze, and generate value from data regardless of where it resides. This creates space for an integrated view of consistent data connections and insights across business ecosystems.

Lumin by Fosfor, an augmented analytics product, provides pharmaceutical and life science decision makers with instant access to advanced analytics and actionable insights for business teams, sans any complex coding or requirement for data analysis skills. Lumin’s commercial analytics application built on Snowflake’s Data Cloud gives:

  • Business users the freedom to unlock their data silos sitting in disparate and fragmented data systems.
  • Instant access to advanced analytics, secure data and the power to derive limitless insights.
  • Multi-tiered security access to key stakeholders to certain data only.

How Lumin + Snowflake are the best tools in pharma’s playbook and business value strategy

The combined power of Lumin and Snowflake gives pharmaceutical leaders the ability to truly be data-driven with secure data, infinite scale and limitless insights. Whether it’s commercial pharma teams enacting the best go-to-market strategies or marketing leads empowering their sales and marketing teams with real-time actionable insights, or CFOs maximizing ROI on their personal and non-personal (digital) initiatives, Lumin empowers everyone across the organization with fast insights from all your pharma data. 

With Lumin and Snowflake, pharmaceutical stakeholders will be able to accomplish five great goals.

1. Rapid insights across data sources

Lumin generates rapid insights by bringing complex data sources together on Snowflake without running manual SQL queries. Lumin’s autonomous nudges and advanced diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics capabilities, combined with Snowflake’s cloud speed, help pharma decision-makers take proactive directions with confidence.

2. Federated querying; custom use cases 

Lumin’s native connection to Snowflake and federated querying capability accelerates data analysis on massive data sets like EMR, LAAD or SHS patient data. Pre-configured custom pharma use cases make actionable insights available to relevant stakeholders at the point of decision making.

3. Snowflake and Lumin- Anytime, Anywhere

With Lumin’s ready-to-plug-in API and SDKs, it’s easy to provide a custom analytics experience within their existing workflows while connected to the Snowflake Data Cloud. Get live nudges or diagnostic insights anywhere and everywhere you do work, from desktop to mobile – with just a single click

4. Unlimited performance and blazing fast collaboration 

Snowflake + Lumin boast high performance, streaming data support, low-cost storage, and augmented intelligence. With these features, any organization can scale to any volume of data and any number of users who are querying for actionable insights without performance degradation, democratizing insights across teams and functions.

5. Secure governance, data privacy and compliance 

Lumin leverages the underlying warehousing infrastructure of Snowflake for in-house querying without moving the data out of Snowflake. With secure, seamless, and instantaneous data sharing, interoperability between previously disconnected systems is maintained, which means HIPAA compliant data and insights sharing while safeguarding sensitive patient information.

Lumin + Snowflake – Pharma’s Growth Engine

Here’s how various commercial datasets and their value is realized with the power of Lumin.

Datasets Lumin



Amplified Outcomes 
Syndicated Sales Datasets
IQVIA (NSP/NPA, Xponent), IQVIA (HCOS), SHS (Subnational)
  • 3600 view on market and prescriber dynamics and health system insights 
  • Optimized and dynamic call planning, accurate Incentive compensation and fair budget setting through predictive modeling.
  • Ability to diagnose market tend changes and reason through related auxiliary datasets such as payer formulary change or prescribing behavior of physicians.
Payer and Patient datasets
IQVIA (LAAD, APLD), EMR, IQVIA (Xponent Plantrak), Fingertip Formulary
  • Enhanced payer and contract management through effective payer insights, amplifying pull and push through initiatives.
  • Efficient identification of patient journey, adherence, persistency and line of therapies of respective treatment indication of your brand.
CRM and Promotional Data
Veeva One Customer, IVA Clickstream, Web digital adobe data, Approved Email interactions
Ability to track and create numerous promotional response scenarios in a matter of seconds, maximizing ROIs of various promotional initiatives



Snowflake Cloud Data Platform is disruptive for organizations intent on getting the most value from their data. This means eliminating organizational and technical silos that hinder modern health data infrastructures, create complexity, and limit access to valuable insights for pharma organizations. With Lumin’s augmented intelligence and Snowflake’s power and flexibility, it is easy to put advanced analytics to work and find data-driven approaches to these age-old challenges.

Use this dynamic duo today.


Vishnu Vardhanan Mohanraj

Lumin Solutions Architect

With more than a decade of experience in commercial pharmaceutical analytics, Vishnu is known for assisting pharma giants in getting more out of their data. He is the Solutions Architect of the Decision Intelligence platform, Lumin. Vishnu is a data enthusiast and product evangelist, empowering customers with actionable data stories. When not at work, Vishnu explores new travel destinations, reads fiction, watches anime, plays MOBA games, and visits exciting new food spots.

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