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Shalini Harkar

With an overall experience of a decade in analytics, Shalini is known for spearheading research initiatives enabling technology adoption at Fosfor. She is the Solutions Architect for Refract, the Fosfor Decision Cloud’s Insight Designer module. Shalini is a tech& innovation enthusiast and a product geek, empowering customers with innovative solutions that harness business outcomes. Outside […]


Supporting data sovereignty on AI platforms: A primer

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction One of the critical challenges organizations face while building a new AI platform is considering whether the platform meets the data sovereignty and data protection regulations of the operating country. This is more crucial now than ever, as most organizations are amid their cloud adoption journeys. In this blog, I will explain: What is […]


Strategies to scale enterprise AI initiatives with Generative AI

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction Generative AI has now become a bare necessity for any business across industries. Leading organizations are rapidly discovering the potency of integrating Generative AI for enabling analytics, shrinking innovation cycles, and standardizing processes across global operations, among other benefits. Realizing their AI projects’ absolute value and moving beyond POC to production requires effective collaboration […]


The what, why, and how of choosing the right Decision Intelligence platform

Reading Time: 2 minutes In today’s dynamic and data-driven business landscape, the role of a business leader has evolved significantly. Gone are the days when decisions could be made solely on instinct and experience. To thrive in this era of complexity and uncertainty, mastering Decision Intelligence has become not just a valuable skill but an absolute necessity for business leaders.


Key takeaways from the 2022 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, Orlando

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fresh from attending one of the biggest data and analytics events of the year, I am still reeling from the possibilities on display. This was my first in-person event in more than two years, and the atmosphere was electric—connecting and networking with like-minded data nerds was amazing. The best part: decision intelligence was at the heart of the event!