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The Fosfor Decision Cloud unifies the modern data ecosystem to deliver the long-sought promise of AI: enhanced business outcomes.


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The Fosfor Decision Cloud unifies the components of your data stack into a modern decision stack, built to amplify business outcomes

It's time to turn your data investments into business value

See how the Decision Cloud helps you organize your data, build impactful AI applications, and make better business decisions in real time

The proof

Unlocking profitability with better decision-making

3x increase in the volume of guided insights for product, spending and media categories, helping improve marketing and sales strategies.

The proof

Operationalizing ML at scale for greater savings

4x improvement in end-to-end efficiency of their ML-powered risk analytics processes.

The proof

Boosting after-market services with Decision Intelligence

85% faster diagnosis of elevator health and performance to aid proactive modernization efforts.

Possibilities as limitless as your curiosity

Structure and organize your data

Create data products

Simplify consumption

Build efficient data transformation pipelines

Choose canvas or IDE

Trust your data

Create scalable AI applications

Choose your ML tool

Automate MLOps

Explore your data with natural language

Drill into the "why?"

Embed insights

Leverage GenAI for productivity

Auto-generate code

Curate business stories


Organize diverse data to build modular and trustworthy data pipelines

Accelerate and automate every step of building and managing AI/ML apps

Empower users with AI to deliver accelerated decision-making capabilities

Empower users with GenAI capabilities to enhance productivity

The Fosfor Decision Cloud helps you improve efficiency and productivity to accomplish your goals faster


Easy to integrate, easy to scale

Fosfor works seamlessly with its partners to create the modern decision stack, which delivers unprecedented value from your data investments.

The Decision Cloud can change the world in more ways than one…

This is how we envision new possibilities

Decision Intelligence and Generative AI

This eBook discusses how companies can put generative AI to work with Decision Intelligence to guide the overall decision-making process.

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Broker performance analysis solution: Analyzing broker...

Most, if not all, large insurance and re-insurance carriers today work with brokerage agencies to grow their books and ensure a healthy stream of business. Depending on the carrier size, they might often work with dozens of agencies spread across the globe, each with its own operating processes and ways of working. For broker managers, monitoring agency performance and working with them to target the right lines of business, suitable policies and the right customers can be a nightmare. The need to be able to quickly analyze broker performance and take corrective actions to meet submissions. As such, underwriting targets is critical. Lumin's Decision Intelligence capabilities make this task considerably simpler. Let’s dive in.

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Lumin + Snowflake - Empowering decision...

Brand analytics is crucial for any Pharma manufacturer’s success. During the drug research and development phase, Pharma manufacturers spend millions of dollars, and consume 10-15 years to bring much needed drugs to the market, with only 7-12 years of patented time available.

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