Disconnected data investments can only take you so far

Which is why we created the Fosfor Decision Cloud


Trusted by leaders across industries

The Fosfor Decision Cloud acts as a connected fabric within your modern data ecosystem

Helping you create as much as 50% more value annually

Reimagine the complete data-to-decisions journey

Empower your organization with the complete set of capabilities needed to curate data, generate insights, and drive business outcomes

Freely apply curiosity to your data. Explore any question, get trustworthy answers, generate deeper insights, and get the only results that matter from your data-related investments: business outcomes.

The proof

Real impact for confectionery giant Mars Wrigley

3x increase in the volume of guided insights for product, spending and media categories, helping improve marketing and sales strategies

The proof

Real impact for Standard Chartered Bank

4x improvement in end-to-end efficiency of their ML-powered risk analytics processes

Possibilities as limitless as your curiosity

Curate your data for more efficient access and analysis


Any source

Create a connected decision pipeline without worrying about the technology

Impact at scale

With ML at scale

Find insights you couldn’t find before through observability and curiosity exploration

Speed to insights

Speed to decisions

What if your ML architects could use generative AI to onboard data and execute ML pipelines?

The Fosfor Decision Cloud helps you improve efficiency and productivity to accomplish your goals faster


Easy to integrate,
easier to scale

The Fosfor Decision Cloud works easily with any product or platform across the data stack, making it possible for you to go from implementation to results faster

The Decision Cloud can change the world in more ways than one…

Here’s what we know

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The modern tech world has become a data hub reliant on processing. Today, there is user data on everything from driving records to scroll speed on social media applications. As a result, there has been a considerable demand for methods to process this data, given that it holds hidden insights that can propel a company into the global stage quicker than ever before.

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ChatGPT - A revelation in Decision intelligence?

As a child, I loved the movie Terminator. I was in awe of how life-like, intelligent and cool the Artificial Intelligence (AI) cyborg assassin was. Today, as I read about and experience an AI chatbot that potentially can emulate a “terminator” from the future and give me career advice, I am absolutely blown away.

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Choosing the best AI/ML platform from a multimodel vendor

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Harnessing the power of Lumin and Streamlit in Snowflake: From Data Exploration, Visualization to Decision Intelligence

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